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Friend: *comes into class on crutches*

Teacher: What happened!?!

Friend: I fell up the stairs

Everyone: how the heck do you fall up the stairs

Friend: *shrugs*

Everyone: dafuq
Can someone help or atleast tell me whats going on?
lately ive been having these weird... things.
It feels like time is speeding up and suddenly the world is just noise, and I cant even control my head. its just voices.
It happened to me during tests at school, and right now in the shower. I still hear voices.
Someone help, please.
I didnt go on my computer for a week and I have 100+ notifications
so yesterday we had a valentine's party at school
I won bingo and I got a BABY GROWING TURTLE

Me and alexis
I'm sorry it's blurry, I took several photos drying to get it to not be blurry, but my tablet sucks at taking photos.

I tried not to act different as I walked up to blue. He was smiling and cheerful as usual.
Then his smile went when he realized I wasn't as cheerful as I usually was when I met him here.


She wasn't smiling. Not a bit. There must be something wrong with her!
" are you alright, bella? "
She looked startled and I noticed she hesitated before nodding.
" I know there's something wrong, your making it obvious. "
" is... it ... lust somehow? "

She giggled for a second and almost started to cry.
I hugged her. Hugs always make people feel better.
She was crying, so I thought of just hugging her until I had to leave. ☺

" blue... " she tried to say something but got drown out by her tears.
" I know. " I could already guess. Every time.

Every time I had a friend, lust would take them away. Really, I haven't seen my last friend in like, months. I won't let lust take bella away from me. Barely any humans come down here, and I feel like she'll be the last one.

:... A few weeks later...:


Blue's been helping me a lot. I've been thinking of girl names, he's been thinking of boy names. It's surprising how he immediately knew. But I don't care. All I care about is that he's there with me and won't leave my side.
I was thinking of names when I heard a knock at my door. I walked up and opened it.
"NOPE" I slammed the door shut. Hope I crushed his skull.
He teleported inside.
" you piece of crap. " I muttered.

" Hello there 😘 " he smirked.
" get out of my house. Now. "
" make me. " he twirled a bone in his hand
I rolled my eyes and decided not to risk it. I went into the baby's room and locked myself inside. It was pretty empty, decided not to decorate it too much until we knew if it's a boy or a girl.
He teleported inside again.
" fudgesicles. "
" how sweet. Babies room already. Pretty dull if you ask me. "
" we don't know the gender yet. And we don't WANT to know. "
" we? " oops.
" ... just get out of my house before I get blue and shove a baby bottle up your ass "
" language, woman! Fine. I'll be out on one teeny little question you have to answer for me. "

I got impatient. " Fine! As long as you get out of my house! "
" are you full term yet? "
" what type of question is that!!?? It's obviously no! "
" you are now. " he disappeared and I felt like I was going to faint. I did.

I heard Blue running in.
I heard his voice, but it was faint.
" BELLA!? "

( sorry this one took so long, I got distracted with homework and tests and crap. Well, I got a B on my science test xD )


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